Dys•to•pia| dis-‘tō-pē-ə


: a substandard place, system, or nonarbitrary social construct created by governmental entities that is perpetuated by heavy suffering and injustices where only a small few attempt a coup.

The reason I define dystopia as being more than just a place rests in that dystopian books I have read and dystopian films I have seen, like Hunger Games, tend to take place in many different locations both near to and far from the protagonist’s hometown. Also, there always seems to be the storyline of the government having complete control over its citizens and the government would heavily dictate the way people conduct themselves entirely (i.e. how people think, how people act, etc.) through some form of fear conditioning. In a sense, is it as though the majority of people are conditioned into being controlled when they witness the consequence(s) of “noncompliance.” Lastly, there tend to always be the small few who are overtly displeased with the way the governmental bodies run the cities and/or nation and they almost always form alliances between them to take down those in power and to discontinue the dystopian presence in a way that redefines or redirects the direction of their cities and/or nation.

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