Higher Education: The End of a Structured Dystopia?

I do not believe that American higher education is a dystopia; however, I would not say the same for middle schools and high schools in America. I feel like I was able to unlearn false truths that were placed in front of me in middle school and high school that were about Black history once I got to college. For example, when I would read about George Washington, the textbooks always said that he had wooden teeth, but when I got to college, I learned that his teeth were actually taken from the mouth of slaves. There also a rumor that he may have taken teeth from animals; however, this claim that the article below makes seems absurd because how would the teeth of a hippopotamus fit into the mouth of a human.

When I think of dystopia and higher education, I do feel we have more free range and leeway when it comes to personal expression and we are not heavily governed or barred by university rules. For the most part we are able to use the restroom as we please, come and go from class as we please (not favored by professors), and our parents cannot call up to the school and discuss our grades, performances, etc. with our parents. If anything, primary schooling is a dystopia. The reason I argue that Higher education i.e. Undergraduate studies, Master’s Programs, PhD programs, medical school, law school, dental school, etc. are all places we go by choice. When we were younger, there was a heavier requirement for us to be enrolled in school. I think higher education is not a dystopia based on us having the choice to be here and “put up with” the things that come with seeking higher degree certifications.

Article about Washington’s teeth: https://daily.jstor.org/were-george-washingtons-teeth-taken-from-enslaved-people/

Hippo teeth: https://i0.wp.com/i.pinimg.com/originals/38/65/21/3865218591407e13013d5ae1e6bab226.jpg?ssl=1

George Washington’s teeth: https://mtv-main-assets.mountvernon.org/files/resources/large_dentures-transparent.png

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