Dystopia Final Definition

A Dystopia is a system and social construct that is characterized by oppressive statutes that are upheld by imaginative submission of the lower rank through hierarchical control.

The first source sprouts from Iris Young’s Five Faces of Oppression: exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural domination, and violence. Oppression ultimately serves as the model in being able to properly consider and define what a dystopia is rooted in. In terms of the hierarchical component of my definition, 1984 by George Orwell would most accurately support my vision. The “submissive” term is heavily rooted in how in how despite constant attempts to push back and climb the latter, Winston submits in a way that is presented as him just being a puppet of The Party and Big Brother. The things people are submitting to tend to be completely against their initial beliefs and are “imaginative” in the sense that by some creative method, they no longer resists through thoughts that combat and challenge the legislative body.

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