What form of government should we choose?

Honestly, in this world, there are ways, in which the government is being harmful to us. The government has a high tendency of focussing on themselves and not caring about protecting our rights, and our freedom and doing what is best for us as a whole society towards coming together in unity to make a great society. The first type of government is classified as a democratic government.. A democracy is classified as the majority making the decision by voting. The second type of government is called a republican government. A republic government has a government where people choose to make decisions for us.

I feel that the government being a democracy is much more effective and what we need to choose. Honestly, I feel that we need to get our voices heard and vote, in order for us to get the best in what society is supposed to be. It is indeed shameful how we have to fight for a change from the systematic and legal oppression and societal situations we are facing in the world because of our higher systems focussing on themselves. That is why I also bring in the concept of how we can heal and reach justice in society without the government, but the government being a democracy towards doing what is best for people and not what will harm them. Honestly, I feel that this way when the government is a democracy, it will lead to the tension in pressure of the societal issues of discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, etc., to finally alleviate and come to an end. We will finally be valued as important people in the world coming together in unity to make a difference in the world.

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