Was Feud Right?

Feud was right when he said that any form of government is, ultimately, repressive of human nature. The reason he was right was because due to the system of government and the laws that the citizens have to follow with the government, it lessens our chance, dealing with us truly being happy. Due to the strict regulation of laws it limits us truly having freedom. The way it truly limits us having freedom is that it truly limits our way of having the ability to express and truly experience enjoying our lives. Due to the system of laws within a government, it causes an increase in oppression.

It leads us overall to be confused because the government is ironic by our human natural rights not being protected and more systematic oppression. A systematic oppression that we are still experiencing in society today is violence. One common form of violence that we experience is gun violence. Everyday, due to some young boys having the ability to own guns, it gives them the power to use it to go overboard and shoot everyone when it comes to protecting themselves the right way. Therefore, due to the government not creating and enforcing strict laws against violence and allowing it will continue to jeopardize our peace and happiness, and continue to wipe out our population.

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