Post 15:How would you define a dystopia

I would define a dystopia as an imaginary society where the people involved in that society experience great injustice or suffering. It can also be classified as when an imaginary place displays totalitarianism, due to whoever acquires complete control and power, it leads for those who can’t control in society to suffer. Due to high control, even though there is a regulation dealing with the system of laws, dealing with what needs to be followed, that places hindrance for freedom for some people. It leads some people to feel that they are imprisoned towards the great injustice and suffering that they are facing in their imaginary society. Honestly, dealing with a dystopia made me think about how it is being displayed all over the world.

We do indeed have different types of dystopias being displayed as examples in novels, short stories, films, series, video games.  One great example of a dystopia is The Walking Dead because even though the movie takes place in Georgia the imaginary situation that took place that served as great injustice and suffering was the zombie apocalypse that allowed the zombies to have the total power to rule society and overpower humans and affect humans in a negative way by taking their life. Therefore, this is how totalitarianism being displayed dealing with zombies, negatively led for humans to suffer, dealing with their or some of their loved ones’ lives being taken by zombies. Last great example of a dystopia is The Purge by in New York City,  but also due to the imaginary situation dealing with the existence of the monsters coming to take over New York City to harm and take human lives, proves that where they took place indicated that it was a great example of a dystopia.  

Not only that but we also see how American society today displays dystopia as well. It displays through contemporary issues of gender inequality, unemployment,climate change, and violence the cause of great injustice ane suffering for everyone in the American society. Due to the formation of American society, yes through these contemporary worldwide situations, it is set to fail us and allow us to suffer. However, in a dystopian society like this, there are ways that we need to still stand for what is right and still create a foundation for future generations. Still through the struggles and how these issues negatively affect us as a whole, we still need to be strong and know how to fight because at the end of the day for future and younger generations they are leaning and depending on us and looking for us to be examples, so they know how to carry on our legacy.

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