My Personal Utopia

Dealing with a utopia, is best classified as equality being present in a society or place for everyone. That means that everyone has an equal share of rights to do whatever they want to do. That also emphasizes the importance of them having their freedom because everyone has the freedom to do what they want to do as everyone else. There is no inequality or unfairness present. There is happiness, peace, and joy because of equality and freedom, due to fairness in everyone having equal rights. I feel that overall the world needs to be this way and centered more towards us and what is best for us because that is what will allow us to be peaceful and be motivated towards making our own world a better place as well. It will also motivate us to do like our civil rights activists did protest and fight against the unjust treatment that we face and bring more freedom, love, support, and equal treatment in this world and towards one another. I feel that also that is how we once and for all will overcome our dark periods of racial discrimination for African Americans, during the 19th century, and for those whose life had to be sacrificed due to the severity of racial discrimination death not being in vain.

Honestly, my personal utopia, since I love African American history, equality, and love is a realistic world where everyone has the ability towards being valued for who they are. African American history is to be picked up by the younger and future generations. The love and support with everyone being valued in my society for who they really are, uniting together and more friendships and relationships and families being created. The children laughing and adults talking, laughing going places and married couples sticking right beside each other and wives finally being happy. I feel that even though my personal utopia is unrealistic in this world, I feel that through my idea of my personal Utopia and how it ties into Martin Luther King Jr “I Have a Dream Speech” by emphasizing the importance of equality and unity, it will inspire the world to promote the same and allow for the inequality to pass over, so that now finally good can come into this world that can inspire us to become better people ourselves.

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