Is Foucault right?

Dealing with the process of panopticism , emphasized with the idea with the way we represent and portray ourselves allows us to be watched by others. In my defense, dealing with me being pportrayed as a bbeautiful hearted spirited, dedicated, strong, Christian, inspiring, ,and helpful young lady, being portrayed by others it is amazing for others to watch me, especially when I sing and perform in church and outside choirs. I feel that the whole world needs to see and acknowledge how for younger generations that are being great examples and trying to make society great, how panopticism I works to influence them to not only make those that greatly impact them proud, but also have the confidence to greatly impact the world. It leads for the younger generation to take on the legacy that their ancestors did and the great opportunities they gained and use it to make society great. Dealing with being watched for the right reason and right things, we always have to look at the positive not negative.

According to Robinson’s essay, there are 4 types of thinkers. The first type of thinker is called the Dystopian thinker, which always expresses social fears. The second type of thinker is called the Utopian thinker which expresses social hope. The third type of thinker is called the Ant-Utopian thinker which focuses on the idea of utopia being bad, but how making things better can make them worse.  The last type of thinker is called the Anti-anti utopian thinker which involves being utopia by believing that before things get better, it has to get worse. 

     A good example of dystopian thinkers is when an African-American woman expresses their experience in the society of sexualism and racial discrimination they experience today. A good example of Utopian thinkers is when someone uses the term we have to fight for what is right no matter what and always look on the bright side of things and how to progress and good things are happening even as the generations progress. A good example of Anti-Utopian thinkers is someone who would mention criminals, even though it’s okay to forgive their wrongdoing, it does not make it okay for them to kill an innocent person, if they get out of jail and have the same mindset they would kill up the whole population. That is why it is best instead of having mercy, which will cause the criminal to get worse by killing innocent people, they must receive a sentence that is right from the justice system. A Good Example of an Anti-anti utopian thinker is. A Christian man who believes in reading the Bible and God’s word, to interpret that what we go through in this world the trials and tribulations have to get worse, in order for the end when Jesus returns us to reach eternal life within him in heaven. Therefore, through these four types of thinkers, we have an easy way of classifying ourselves as either one. 

    I am an Anti-anti utopian thinker. I am a Christian young lady. I am also highly dedicated to God and always love enforcing hope and the blessings God will bring before the trial. Therefore, even though Revelations speak about all the trials and tribulations we have to face, things have to get worse before they can get better. That would also mean in life challenges that we face, that will have to get worse before it gets better. In life, there will be trials and tribulations, but you need to learn how to maintain being a strong person, dedicated to God, and know that God will work everything out for the better. Sometimes, in life, we will not get what we want and what we will expect, but God has uh his best will for us that will be the best and better. 

, dealing with Foucault’s perception of panopticism is right because since he emphasizes the idea of how you being watched controls your actions, it allows you to be portrayed as a great person. It gives you a peaceful mindset to want to make yourself a great person around others. It gives you the confidence that you are being watched and even admired on will lead to your self-confidence to increase. Dealing with your self-confidence and how people portray you, leads you to know how to incase when negativity comes, and know the truth about who you are for a reason. Not only that but also using the strong in you that you and others see in you to make a difference in the world. Dealing with how we are and the way we percieve ourselves and the way others perceive us can make a difference in this world. It also will allow for more positivity to come, dealing with the positive portrayal of who you are having the ability to take out the hatred in society, and using love as an example of why society needs to come together and be great. Therefore, this will allow for a great society for our future generations to succeed as well.

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