How much privacy are you willing to give up?

Privacy is the most important part of us dealing with what we as humans decide to keep sacred and to ourselves. Dealing with my privacy in my life to be honest, I am not willing to give any of it up because these days some people who like to gossip and be messy and spread lies to other people about you have to watch what you say around them, instead of telling them about your private business. That is why it is best only dealing with the close people who you can trust and get your back whom you can share your privacy with because they will understand. That is why dealing with privacy even though I don’t want to give any of my privacy up, I am willing to keep on telling the people close to me that will understand me the best about it. That can also be dealing with privacy and great things as well, dealing with the things you aspire and want to do to benefit the world better that everyone else doesn’t know about that you keep to yourself.

A great example is a private goal and aspiration I made is to make my ancestors and loved ones from heaven and loved ones on earth proud. I tell my trusted people, but most of all being a woman of my word through my actions. Privacy in this case will not only focus on relationship, sexuality, etc., but it can also be dealing with any personal goals you aspire that will help benefit you and the world. That is why it is important that we respect other people’s privacy and even if they want to reveal it to understand their point of view and be in their own shoes. In this world, you can’t trust people and what they say. That it is why its not only to pray for God to send you the right people but to fully know yourself and love yourself trully.

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