Do we need another hero?

Honestly, in this world today we are acknowledging and honoring Civil Rights Activists including Martin Luther King Jr. And Rosa Parks. The way Martin Luther King Jr inspired our community is through his preaching, involvement in the NAACP along with Rosa Parks. He was also known on top of being a preacher at Ebenezer Baptist Church as also a big inspiration towards the black community. He led the black community towards being part of the Civil Rights Movement with him to fight for equal rights, treatment and justice for African Americans.

Along with Martin Luther King Jr.,Rosa Parks was also a main Civil Rights activist as well. She is known for refusing to mover her seat to a white man and then going to jail because of the refusal. After her incarnation in jail, she decided to become secretary in the NAACP and also join the Civil Rights Movement with Martin Luther King Jr. After the Civil Rights Movement when Congress finally declared and created many amendments for African Americans to trully be free, and have the freedom to vote, education, speech ad also going public places,etc. Also, segregation and discrimination for African Americans ended as well to where they could integrate with other races. However, now due to many years ago the civil rights activists dying, they died so then we can live and make a beautiful impact in this world. Therefore, another hero is needed and we are that another hero. There are ways in the world we can end the racial discrimination, sexual abuse, gun violence, etc, in the world today that we are facing as social worldwide issues.

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