What type of thinker am I?

In this world, everyone has different perspectives on analyzing their way of thinking. For example, some people are classified as critical thinkers. There are also some who are passive thinkers. There are also some who are active thinkers. There are even some who may not classify themselves as thinkers but show that they have a special talent and ability to lead the world, through their true purpose, which is on a deeper level than being a thinker. These are the different types of thinkers people are classified by dealing with their own abilities due to their critical thinking.

However, I am a critical thinker. I am classified as a critical thinker because my focus and drive are towards achieving my goals and being successful in life, where my thinking skills are serious, dealing with how I will achieve my goals. Also, in the world, when it comes to spirituality, as a young Christian woman for 10 years and devoted to God and church ever since a little child, my high devotion towards the church is necessary in order to prove how much I love serving God and love God as a whole. Not only that but one day, I believe in my spirit that it is time to go to a beautiful place called Heaven to have everlasting life. Also, in life, dealing with my beautiful energy of helping and inspiring others, I let my light shine, but from those who don’t appreciate it and try to take it for granted move away from them. It is better for a beautiful person to let her light shine and not let it dim due to negativity. I also love African American history as well and teaching others the importance, so we all know the real importance of why we all are here to create a difference in this world. I have to be critical in order to fully fulfill and not get distracted by God’s purpose for my life.

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