Group asignments

I have always liked group assignments in school. I think it’s a very effective way to get a task done. I have had all successful experiences when it comes to group projects. As long as everyone does their part and communicates, the project should succeed. I know that we are all college students with more classes and other responsibilities, so I am a very understanding group member. I also understand people who don’t have the proper resources or effectively be an active group members. I will go out my way if something is needed or chip in on their behalf.

Being a mass communications major, you learn how to use technology and learn how to communicate with large audiences. I like the idea of using technology because that is what this generation is more accustomed to. We also respond well to technology rather than something old-fashioned/nonmodern. I would be a great asset to any group to complete the upcoming group assignment. Group assignments are a way to help you grow as an individual in numerous ways.

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