America has many oppressive behaivors/practices. Those being violence, exploitation and powerlessness.These are the top three opressive behaivors for many reason. EXploitation is primarially seen on social media platorms. The topic being exploited vary from the goverment, celebrities, bussinesses and so forth.In’s todays society it is usually the influencesrs that are exploting or doing the exploiting. Social media has a hold on America as a whole. Powerlesnes is a very prevalent one in todays society as well, I like how she pointed out that the people in power aren’t from what they have done, but what other have done for them. Power is more generaional than earned in the world today. Also people who are in power wouldnt be in power if it wasnt for their consumers, fans and supporters. We as citizens are the only reason bussiness are still running, yet we are the ones not in control or even gainng anything form it. Lastly, violence is everywhere. Violence has become the “promblem solver” especially for the new generation. Everything ends in violence, through music violence is also promoted.

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