My definition of Dystopia is an imagined place where nothing good comes from it, with no positivity or rightful existence. I chose these words for my definition because I learned that Dystopia means terrible place after watching the ed puzzle video. I then infer that in the wrong place, there have to be people in control who have negative vibes, are violent, not taking care of their community, and so forth. When I think about it, Dystopia is somewhere no one would choose to live. There is most likely no control, or too much control, democracy or authority, complete chaos. People who reside in a dystopian society are probable in fear as they live in a dehumanized state with no freedom. No freedom can then make them react negatively, which could result in violence. While thinking of many ways to describe a dystopia, these things arise in thoughts.
I have watched at least three dystopian films, and the one that helps me better understand what a dystopian society is is WALL-E. They had a world where humans abandoned the earth and lived-in space. The way they were living was far from comfortable, living out of chairs. The humans were ” obese, unaware, and overindulgent in the movie easily draws from contemporary culture.” IN the chairs they lived in, they were staring at a screen, psychologically degrading them as humans, restricting them because they had no choice. Having watched this movie as a young child, I was introduced to a dystopia, unaware, and it is now helping me in college better understand the objective of my class.

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