Civilization and Its Discontents

I agree with Freud’s premise that any form of government is ultimately repressive of human nature. I don’t agree at any extreme measure, but I will say that the statement, in general, is the truth. One thing he says is, “We shall never completely master nature.” This is an example of why we are damaged as a society. The government wants us to be perfect and give us these laws and rules to abide by. In the government’s eyes, whatever they say is the 100% accurate way to go. This is very repressive for the people who aren’t living n the right conditions and who are not equipped to abide by some of these laws and rules they put into place. For example, when there was a nationwide lockdown, most people whose jobs weren’t considered essential were shut down. This means they had no source of income, then comes the problems of bills and that being their source of income, food, the stores were being rampaged, so that wasn’t any help either. The stimulus checks also took forever to come out, with no reliable source of income for the less fortunate. This alone is repressive to human nature.

Freud also says that if we cant remove all suffering from the repressiveness, we can migitate it. Migitating means to make it less severe or painful. Although, I would agree that little progress is better than none. It would have to be by the terms of the government, and if it’s not going to help human nature in a way, it’s pointless. Also, we accept this suffering; some people stand up and express their issues not enough to get the proper attention. Freud says that we accept inevitable suffering. In all, I agree with his statement, but if we as a whole took a stand, we could have some reasonable solutions put in place.

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