Double Take

Dystopia’s Blog Post:

            I would not necessarily call our university a dystopia

  • We essentially chose to come here
  • We are supposedto have a voice here on campus 
  • One can leave whenever they please, it is technically its’ own world

After further review of other replies, I forgot to include the fact that there is a pandemic currently occurring as I type. Many would assume all universities would shut down completely. Of course, hospitals need to remain open to help treat patients experiencing covid-19 symptoms. It is horrible that this is the world’s reality in the year 2020. One would think this would be the year to end world hunger, end world homelessness, anything but a pandemic. As a college student currently living through this time, I’ve realized three things: one, no one has a clue what is totally going on; two, the Earth is going through a rebirth; three, education is always political.

            Obviously, students still have to attend school. Essentially, they paid for the classes with hard earned money. Some form of sacrifice was made in order for students to attend higher education. This is a capitalistic society. Money makes the world go around, here in America. Unfortunately, academia is not seen individualistically, more so holistically and numerically. Each child is a number to the system, or some say the government. But enough of my opinion, let us move onto my three realizations.

            First, no one has a clue what is actually going on. I could end this entire paragraph with the statement that no one knows what happens after this lifetime, but I won’t for the sake of word count. There is no known cure to the covid-19. People are dying left and right, but universities expect students to focus on their school assignments. Some of the students that attend these universities are directly impacted by the virus. Either they have it or someone they know has it. Universities are teaching students to assimilate to society. My fault, to a capital society simply because students are just a number. Students are viewed as future working-class citizens of America. If students do not attend classes that slows the transition between school and the work force. Let’s move on to my second realization.

            Second, the Earth is going through a rebirth. Honestly this could be the end of humanity or the beginning of a new age. Anything could happen but the world as we know it will never be the same again once this is all over. Individuals will realize that the government has had the ability to close work and house the homeless. The mask will finally fall off and the government will be exposed for exploiting its own people for money. It is ridiculous that individuals are forced to go to work and school. Again, I understand essential workers must work to save lives. This time of chaos is also a time to take a step back and evaluate what direction one’s life is going. Everything happens for a reason and this pause is for a reason.

            Third, education is always political. My professor Dr. Caldwell always reminded the class of this. It is important to understand that everything that happens to the student body has already been planned and orchestrated. Take that how it resonates. There is always a chain of command. There will always be doors one cannot open. And of course, there will always be someone in charge that no one knows but everyone is aware of their existence. 

            Again, this is a pandemic, and many have died due to it. It is important that we pay our respects, wash our hands, and stay blessed.

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