Ur-Fascism Myth or reality

After reading Eco’s “Ur-Fascism”, write a blog post in which you consider whether you believe that Ur-Fascism currently exists in the world today. Be specific where and in what form you think it exists. Provide a link that supports your discussion

To be Ur-Fascist means that you are limited in many aspects, speech, freedom, knowledge, and critical thinking. To say that an example of this currently exists would be easy, you can look at countries like China and North Korea that have openly shown that they monitor and restrict media that goes in and out of their countries. Korea is an established socialist state that is defined as a dictatorship, they use propaganda tactics to edify their power to keep people oblivious to what is going on and to the outside world. China on the other hand is strictly communist where Xi Jinping is the president who has no term limit and is the person all of the top political positions which defiantly sounds like a dictatorship.

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