The Dystopia, A Struggle for Humanity.

A Dystopia is a world where people are dehumanized, and their rights and freedoms are restricted and heavily censored to benefit a higher individual or a group of individuals.

In dystopian societies, the citizens’ senses or emotions are frequently restricted or taken away, leaving the citizens yearning to escape their current reality. For example, in the movie The Giver, once Jonas started to receive memories and learned what emotions were, he stopped taking his daily injections to be able to experience emotions on his own. Jonas also urged others to do the same, ultimately resulting in his mission to free the memories of what society used to be. Another example of restricted emotions is illustrated by the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. In this novel, the use of empathy boxes and mood organs being the only means of feeling emotion showcase how the citizens of these societies are dehumanized.

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