The Purge

The united states in the purge is a considered a dystopia for the poor as all crime is legal for a 12 hour period. It all boils down to who can protect themselves, resulting in an even more violent divide between the rich and the poor. Both 1984 and The Purge have new regimes that do far more harm than good to their population, and I see parallels between the two. The purge is intended to rid the city of any destitute, homeless, or other underprivileged people. We can detect parallels between negative government control and the concept of big brother in relation to the novel 1984. In her book “Five Faces of Oppression,” Young points out that for every oppressed group, there is a privileged group that profits from their oppression. This is the case in the purge as the upperclass aim to get rid of the poor and marginalized.

One dystopian element that is prevalent in the purge is the use of media to record the killings. Broadcasting of the killing and crime is covered during this event and it is meant to keep the rich informed. The main footage shown is the slaying/robbing of people in poverty stricken areas. This is disgusting and very “big brother-ish.” The rich remained unaffected as they were able to afford protection.

In the end, the purge is a rich man’s game. The poor don’t stand a chance, and that is the case in current America.

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