Which type of Government

There are many types of governments to choose from so I think it’d be best to look at theirs and cons of some. As discussed in Leviathan, I don’t think that an absolute monarchy would be the least dystopian. I believe that trying to maintain the image of the sovereign would come first before the needs of the people. Also if something were to go awry, they wouldn’t be able to be removed. Governing… and absolute power shouldn’t be given to one person. Anarchy would just be too violent, and I believe that would be extremely dystopian. Violence would surely ensue and there would countless and unimaginable crimes committed once people got the slightest whiff of the absence of a governing body.

I think the best type and least dystopian government would be a representative democracy. A type of government where we could elect officials to make and uphold the laws of the land. Not everyone looks out for the interest’s of others, however if we can examine those willing to run for office, we could determine that for ourselves. Luckily, if anything were to go awry, they could just get voted and and someone else would have the position.

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