Group Work

For years I’ve been a line wolf when it comes to working because I know that when I do it, It’s going to be done right and the way that I want it and how I want it done. Working in a group gives all of that up. With that being said I can however work in a a group. It can be fun sharing ideas and learning from other people, this can make your own worker even better. However from personal experience it can can challenging, I’m a Capricorn and we love love love to lead. Growing up having to be in a group with another Capricorn was difficult because we both wanted to lead and I found it a little hard to relax and just go with the flow of things.

communicating to large audiences is something that I am used to, being in leadership roles in organization having to run meetings and set up different events is something that I’m used to. However when it comes to technology I’m a little behind, even though I’m young. I get completely lost on the ins and outs of excel and powerpoint and the rest of the Microsoft tolls because I rarely I had to use it, it was something that I sometimes delegated to others and never really had to use it so hopefully one day I’ll learn how.

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