Freud oh Freud

Sigmund Freud is one of the most controversial names in history, stretching across many academic disciplines. In his work Civilization and Its Discontent, he says that civilization is a problem and that it makes us unhappy. And to have a smoothly running civilization, a system of government or some ruling body has to be in place. So of course freud would completely and wholeheartedly refuse the formation of any type of government because it would be seen as being oppressive to his natural being.

I however, and surprisingly do agree with Freud on this. The establishment of any form of government would in some form or another and to some degree, a little oppressive. Government is made to establish order in the midst of chaos. Now in times of disagreement or conflict there always two sides the people who want the violence and the people who don’t. When government comes in to set order to the chaos, who’s pressed in this situation? the oppressed would be those still wanting to fight. Freud said it best when he said that all humans have had to curtail their aggressive desires. So naturally the establishment of governing or ruling body that would come and curtail that would be oppressive to the true free nature that Freud thinks that we were meant to live as.

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