Dystopia final definition

After reading from many different authors throughout the semester, my definition on a dystopia has changed a little. Not in a sense that it anything would have to be taken away from it, but in the things that I would have too add to it. As we have learned something isn’t just dystopian because it’s bad or people or scared, many different elements factor into what makes a society truly dystopian.

Freud inserts that the addition of a government is oppressive. It would curtail on the aggressive nature of humankind. Freud says that humans were meant to be wild and free without any restraints. In Hobbes’s Leviathan, he asserts that an Absolute Monarchy would be the best government, with one person ruling over everyone. freud would absolute be livid at the idea of being controlled by someone with absolute power. In young’s five faces of oppression, Iris young explains how the five faces of oppression being exploitation, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, marginalization, and violence, contribute to the oppression of society, Iris young’s work was crucial in what I believe was missing from my original definition. With that I offer my final definition.

A dystopia is defined as a society whose citizens lives in a constant state of oppression and fear with no means standing up for themselves to change their lives.

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