Dystopia- a falsified reality created an elite class used to control an institution by imposing an authoritarian ideology

A dystopia is often seen, even at surface level, to be and represent everything bad; however, that isn’t the case.To define something as being dystopian we must first look at the principles that govern the institution. I feel to be able to define something as dystopian you must look at the free will, or the lack thereof, of the institution in question. In creating the definition I was reminded of the movie, ” The Giver.” At surface level, the people depicted in the movie were not living wretched or miserable lives at all, they simply had no free will; they were all brainwashed except for two individuals , the giver and the receiver of memory, who both had free will. The fact that the governing body used daily injections, among many other protocols, to exert complete control over them to impose a reality they deemed to be utopian, made them in fact a dystopian society because they took away their free will.

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