Divergent is a movie about a dystopian Chicago. The city has broken into five factions: Abnegation(selfless), Amity(peaceful), Candor(honesty), Erudite(intellectual), and Dauntless(brave). These factions each rule important parts of every day life and straying from these set factions is not welcome. The main character,Beatrice Prior (born into Abnegation), undergoes a coming of age ritual for choosing factions. When her results come back she is equally Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. These results mean she is divergent and is seen as a danger to society because she can think for herself. In the end she chooses Dauntless as her new faction and excels in the faction after some serious trials during initiation.She meets another Divergent, Four, who helps her hide her divergence throughout training. During a coup implemented by Erudite, the Dauntless are enlisted to carry out executions on Abnegation. Tris and Four attempt to save her parents, but they are caught and separated. Tris’s parents sacrifice themselves to save her and she and four together stop the execution of Abnegation.

This movie isn’t as realistic as others but I do think it is possible. The basic set up is classist and gives one faction more power than the rest. This could be attributed to how we live throughout the world.If someone were to develop some sick ideation of the film and decide to attempt to implement in in real life, I think it could be done. However, I think would be done based on race rather than different characteristics.

The film is dystopian because it has themes of oppression and deception under governmental control. Although this is better seen in the later movies when its revealed that they are an experiment under the control of another agency. The Erudite, the smart ones, control people via injections. They had the Dauntless prepared for mass murder because of an injection that was for mind control. They also planned to keep control via violence as seen in the movies following this one. Although majority of the people in factions did not suffer, the factionless were treated very poorly and lived a very oppressed life. That being said the film is also dystopian in the way the characters live. They are to choose a faction at 16 and either separate from their families permanently or stay with a faction they may or may not belong to based on one characteristic. Their way of life was oppressive because it based human value on one characteristic and that defined them for the rest of their lives.

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