Group Work

It has never really been a question if I prefer group work or to work alone. If a task is assigned, the objective for me remains the same, but working within a group presents a lot of the benefits that working alone proves challenging. A lot of the work gets distributed, the work is more efficient overall, and group work opens more avenues of creativity. The latter is what appeals to me the most; being able to creatively solve problems is an aspect, I believe, to be far overlooked. One of the problems we had specifically in our group was finding time to meet because our schedules were demanding and being to collaborate using other platforms and presenting different ways to share our ideas and research was relieving.
I have no problem communicating my ideas with a large audience, but most often than not, it just proves to be unnecessary. It is in tandem with me not having much of a social media, thus not much of a social media presence, but I do not want it to be confused with me having an issue dealing with or sharing parts of my life or ideas I have with a relatively large audience.

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