Ur- Fascism is hiding in plain clothes

At the end of Umberto Eco’s work, he argued that Ur-Fascism is hiding in plain clothes, that life would be easier if it just shouted that it was here and it wanted to bring back Nazism. I agree with this! In modern times, Ur-Fascism can be seen in the political parties of today. The presidency of Trump is a perfect example of this, he used his rhetoric and position to get the populace riled up, to get people who would otherwise never act wildly to act out their inner desires. The best example of this would be when Trump told his followers to overtake the White House when they were counting the votes, he claimed that America had lost its democratic roots and was becoming totalitarian. This commentary in itself is interesting because Trump had followers such as the Proud Boys who were obviously racists and only cared about giving the caucasian people the power they believed was taken from them. Trump wanted to ‘Make America Great Again’ and that aroused the question, at what point was America so great that we have now seem to have fallen? Trump never blatantly said it but his followers and his word choice demonstrated it, Ur-Fascism is still relevant and can be seen in the many political parties of today. Attached is an article discussing the possibility of Trump being a fascist: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/11/books/review/jason-stanley-how-fascism-works.html

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