Still Feeling Iffy about group Projects but Could I be the Next big Podcaster?

So far in the production of the podcast, my group and I are pretty much finished with the script, I actually just submitted it for review. So far in the production, I actually enjoy the process of doing the research and actually thinking about what would pique the interests of the listeners. This podcast has me feeling as if I can actually start one of my own, like get a topic that I find is really interesting, do some research, write my main topics/main things I would like to discuss down, and get to recording. So far it’s been a really fun process especially making questions and bouncing them off of my group members to see how that works and if the questions really get people to think deeper into the topic. Podcasts are made to get people to think more about a topic that seems pretty shallow or about a controversial topic that has so many different angles that there are so many ideas and takes to be considered. Some of my favorite podcasts are true crime podcasts for that very specific reason, they talk about cases, give all the angles on them, and allows you to make your own conclusion or beliefs about what happened in the case which is a type of thought that not many forms of media allow in modern-day society.
One thing I have learned about group projects in this is that it really takes one person to start everyone off, like if one person takes the initiative to start the project then other people will see that initiative and follow through to start working too.

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