Group Effort vs Individual Effort

I personally do not like working in groups, I feel that it is much easier to get the assignment done on my own terms. It also takes a lot more time to get the group together, to decide on what to do, etc and it’s just a more tedious process. However, I have had some amazing groups. The teamwork, the group effort is all topnotch but these do not come often. When everyone is able to work on their own individual parts and then we all come together, in the end, are usually the best fit for me, especially when everyone in the group puts in the effort. Some group projects require extra creativity and this is when being in a group really helps me, especially cause I am not that creative as a person. So overall I would say I’m on the fence about group projects but not completely against them because sometimes your teammates can provide a certain perspective/aspect that you do not have.
I am on a few social media but I am not a big poster, I just feel as if my thoughts on topics are pretty generic like everyone is thinking it so why post it? I can communicate well in email or even in presentation but to communicate with large audiences, I do not feel crazy confident about it cause I have never really done it. I am not inept about it but I just have no experience. I have worked in retail so talking to strangers is not crazy hard, so with the technology involved, I should be okay if I try. What’s the worst that can happen? Which is the worst thing to ask because the worst does happen whenever someone asks this but I’ll try my best to communicate with an audience using technology.

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