Religion and Oppression

   I do believe religion is a necessary component to fighting against oppression. Religion sets guidelines for people to follow. With religion, guidance followed comes with reward of Paradise or enlightenment. Religion gives people strength to fight for what they believe in. For example, in Brown Girl in a Ring by Nalo Hopkinson, it is Ti-Jean’s faith that ultimately gives her the strength to overthrow the kleptocracy. It also gives one hope that by fighting for the oppressed in this world will lead to greater rewards in the hereafter.  If the oppressors themselves truly believed in a religion, they wouldn’t be putting others through misery. In 1984, religion didn’t exist which means that heaven and hell must have not existed. Therefore, there were no humane rules for the oppressors to abide by such as allowing people the freedom of thought, speech, and opinion. In 1984, Winston’s efforts to rebel may have failed because he had no willpower. If Winston followed a religion, I believe he would’ve found the strength and power to rebel. 

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