I enjoy group work for the most part. It is fun to be able to collaborate with other people and incorporate each other’s ideas. Group work is important because most jobs require you to be able to communicate and work effectively with others. It requires trust and good communication skills. Group work is difficult for me at times because I am a perfectionist and can be controlling. I also have trouble putting my faith and trust in someone else completing the work. These are things I’ve worked on through my years in school and have gotten better at.

     My group used voice memos to record our podcast. It is an app that allows you to communicate effectively with large audiences. Every group member recorded their own part and then one of our group members volunteered to put all the recordings together. It was an easy process that didn’t require us to meet in person. Apple has many apps that allow for easy editing, so I wasn’t too worried about recording our podcast at the start of our project.

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