Feelings on Group Projects

      I personally don’t mind working in groups. It is fun being able to work on an interesting project with my classmates. I’ve had many group projects in the past. I like to get my part done early because I get anxiety thinking that people are waiting on me. Communication is the key to success in regards to group projects. It is important to make sure everyone is on the same page and that we compromise when we don’t agree on certain things. If we all start off with positive attitudes, everything should play out just fine. I am really excited. I always wanted to do a podcast!

     I have never really had to communicate with large audiences before. I know how to use technology well to achieve what I want to. If I am having trouble recording and uploading anything for the project, I can always research solutions on google or YouTube. It’s nice living in this day and age because I have the luxury to research really anything I need. My laptop and phone are fairly new, so I shouldn’t have any issues. I am tempted to purchase a microphone off of Amazon though. Overall, I feel adequately prepared technology wise for this upcoming project. 

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