Defining Dystopia in Our Contemporary Moment

            The Oxford definition defines the word dystopia as “an imaginary place which is depressingly wretched and whose people lead a fearful existence”. This definition is quite bland and could be expanded. I would define dystopia as a real or an imagined place where an inferior group is being oppressed by the superior group and everything goes wrong. This definition demonstrates an imbalanced distribution of power which essentially results in destruction and chaos. It also provides the possibility of the place being real or imagined. I believe our contemporary moment could be classified as a dystopia by the definition I created. There are a few reasons I believe our present moment could be a prime example of a dystopian reality. 

The first reason I would argue our reality is a dystopia is because of our political climate. It feels as if everything that could go wrong within our government is currently going wrong. Donald Trump alone is a symbol of imbalanced distribution of power. He exploits his own country and has a group to support his political decisions that do not benefit the United States as a whole. I believe this example of Trump displays inequality and imbalance within the United States government and its citizens. The government is an example of a superior group and its citizens are the inferior group being affected. 

The second reason I believe our contemporary moment is an example of a dystopia is because there are airborne diseases released into populations. In my definition of dystopia, I intentionally did not include governmental oppression because the oppression could occur from outside forces such as nature. When I reference nature, I mean natural causes. Some believe the world is ending or going through a transformation to cleanse and renew. If this is true it could be perceived as Human versus Nature. In this instance humankind is inferior and nature would be superior. When the planet self-destructs there is nothing humankind can do except accepting their inevitable fate. 

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