Dear Production Note


Wow. I can’t believe I just got here! It’s already been three weeks since we started Dystopias otherwise known as XCORE 3010 in the registrar’s office. I’m already learning a ton of cool things. I didn’t think I would be ready to be in a podcast anytime soon but I just might possibly be a pro when the semester ends. It’s been entirely engaging working with my classmates as we define the term “dystopia” and analyze media, literature and world history. 

Working with my classmates has been one of the most engaging parts of the course. I am used to having a discussion in private with like-minded close friends but making my thoughts public and sharing them have required me to think harder about how to explain myself. The discussions that occur in and out of class have helped me to better listen to people’s reasoning and articulate my opinions clear and concise enough for them to understand. As I empathize with others, I am also learning about where their biases or assumptions come from and mine as well. This realization helps me to figure out where the middle grounds of our views are and how our unique experiences take us to different opinions.

One of my favorite past times with my siblings is to go out to the movies and have long discussions afterward. Without realizing, I have been critically analyzing films for a while just not as an academic. The tools of the research articles and literary findings help me to better analyze fictional works as devices of objective reality. The academic background also helps me to analyze contemporary events as components of individual experiences experiencing various forms of oppression.

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