Dear Production Note, It’s Me Again


The podcast production turned out to be an exhilarating journey. I can’t believe we’re at the end of the road. In my last note to you, I had limited confidence in my skills to produce a decent podcast. Since then, I have further explored the elements which define a dystopia, real or imagined, This occurred through group analysis of books such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower and films like The Purge and Elysium. 

For our podcast, my team chose to look at three different pieces. First, we explored the short story/film We Ate the Children Last by Yann Martel. For discussion of that film/story, we analyzed what major themes of dystopias we understood and what we saw in the story. It was unique to see how each of us in the group interpreted differently or similarily. While I may have thought about the action of the surgery being significant, another member thought more about the usage of pig intestines as being more significant. It was not only our individual analysis like these but also our ability to communicate this that helps us to properly take into account different ideas podcast viewers may have.

As we moved onto discussing our second film, Us, our group knew that we wanted to utilize interesting digital technologies to help bring the dystopian themes we planned to discuss to our audience. While discussing how the relationships of the tethered hold elements of a dystopia we thought it would be really neat to use the infamous sounds of Luniz’s I Got 5 On It throughout our podcast to help visualize these. We also relied heavily on digital tech more since everything had to be recorded remotely. For my role in the group, I was in charge of the audio and splicing together the music and the discussion itself. In this process, I learned a lot more about software, editing and citing. 

Finally, I was focused on the film Elysium as my part of the podcast. A top of an already independent learning process, I really had to utilize self-efficiency as did my whole team to be prepared and research our topics. Within the process, I directly developed skills from class but in the midst of enhancing our podcast and my role I had to seek extra development outside of class alongside my team. In a constant analysis of medicine in dystopias, I also spent a heavy amount of time comparing the attitudes and responses currently happening in response to COVID-19.

These are just a few of the awesome ways I’ve grown in this production process! It was great writing to you and I hope to continue to develop these skills I’ve learned!

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