Higher Education is 100% a Scam.

This is a question I have been asking myself my whole life. I 100% think higher education is a scam and I’m going to explain why. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in graduate school but after four years of college, I can say that nothing I have learned is going to compare to what I will need to learn in graduate school and in my profession later in life. I was talking with one of my friends about my “perfect” school system. In my world, starting in middle school every day would consist of a different person coming in to speak about their job and what they do. From childhood, we would take a test to determine what occupation our personality best suits us for. After middle school, we would have the opportunity to shadow these people to determine what we would like to do. Then, we would attend our graduate school of choice which would be the equivalent of “college” but with specalized training. After that, we would apply for a job and start our career. It is not that I think college is pointless, I have learned a lot at Xavier specifically; However, there are times when I feel like some of the classes I am taking, certain Math, English, and History classes, are not needed for what I want to do. When I think about paying hundreds of dollars for these classes that also upsets me. Higher education has been designed for the rich to make (oppressed) people feel stupid and useless. Our society has placed such a value on higher education that if you don’t get or have a college degree you are subject to a certain catergory of occupation. I will say that with COVID and all the online platforms we have, it has been easier for people to get aroudn without going to college, but those people are the exception.

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