Is This True Freedom?

I want to start this blog post off by saying that even though I do think that the type of government that I chose would truly be the least dystopian, there is no possible way to please everyone in society, so there will always be issues in that regard. The government system that I think would be least dystopian is communism. To sum it up, a communist society is one that is stateless, classless and moneyless. Making a direct comparison to capitalism, this means that there would no longer be a need for high, middle and lower classes.  

I think that this would primarily be the least dystopian for many reasons. Shifting towards a communist society takes away any judgement based on class. In America (and I’m sure many other countries), class is always relevant. Even when the topic of conversation may seem like it has nothing to do with class, we always seem to find a way to bring it up and eventually use it against people. Creating a communist society in America would also give people the real opportunity to explore their passions and actually do things because they like them, and not solely for financial gain. There are many people that I see (especially in college) who talk about or simply show through their actions that they are not passionate about their career choice. If the motivation isn’t money, it’s their family being too overbearing about the “right and wrong career choices to make”. Another supporting factor for a communist society is lessened crime and violence rates. Realistically, there would still be violence, but there would be substantially less because there wouldn’t be a need to fight over (or commit crimes) money and high-quality material things. 

Now we can move on to how I think that people would abuse the system of communism. I have few ways that communism could be abused, primarily because it is a theory that, if enacted, would probably have to be in the distant future and I can’t really understand too many ways in which someone could abuse a system that they are ultimately cultivating in every aspect. One way that I think people would take advantage of a communist society is by the means of production being owned by all citizens. Coming from a capitalist society, there would definitely be people that would want to defy the way that the world now works. This one (possible) disadvantage of communism could lead citizens to forming an anarchy and doing the exact opposite of communism like forcing people to work for money, taking control over shared properties, etc. Overall, I think that it would take some work to get everyone involved, but a utopian communist society is very possible. 

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