Does Privacy Hold Any True Value?

Starting this post, I had to do some research into who Jeremy Bentham was and what he eventually created. From my research, I gathered that Bentham was a philosopher that believed in the concept of right and wrong and how we should be able to control those who have done wrong. I found that we also still have a few standing panopticons in America today. Although we only have a few left, the concept is all the same, the only difference is that you do not have a guard post in the center of most prisons to patrol the rooms. I am still trying to understand what technology we use in the 21st century that makes us give up our privacy for rewards. Is that statement regarding things like sharing your location with family and friends? I am willing to give up my privacy for my own personal safety, but only within public places. I think that inside of my home, I should (and am allowed to according to the law) be able to protect myself. In terms of jail and prison, we all would be naïve to think that there is not some form of violence that occurs there, but I think that the entire approach to stripping prisoners of safety should be reevaluated. I would say that at least 70% of the time, law officials are subjecting people to imprisonment that are eventually expected to rejoin society. If you put someone in a violent, degrading and all around non- rehabilitative environment for a long amount of time… it is unrealistic to assume that all prisoners that get out to enter society will be ridden of their criminal or violent ways. If anything, we should expect that of them because that is all that they have known for so long. This statement is by no means saying that repeat offenders are justified, but I think that we should reevaluate our country wide view on prisons. There are other countries that treat prisons and jails as less of a torture mechanism, but more of a rehabilitative experience and to me it seems that is something that the United States needs to follow. Saying that I do not want to give up my privacy inside of my home doesn’t mean that I will not have any personal cameras/security in my home, it just means that I want to have it put there by my own will. The only reward that I expect in exchange is the protection of myself, friends, and family. Another mode of privacy that I also give up willingly is when I get on an airplane. I am most cooperative in the airports because I know how history has caused a mistrust of the people that fly, and I don’t want a repeated situation to happen. Many view the screenings at the airport as invasive (which they are), but I think that it is a small price to pay, not only for personal safety but also for peace of mind while being transported in the air. All in all, safety and peace of mind is my number one priority, so that would be the top reason for me agreeing to give up certain modes of privacy. 

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