Blog Post for Week 3: Was Freud right?

Unraveling Repression

Sigmund Freud says in his thought-provoking work
“Civilization and Its Discontents” that all kinds of governance are essentially oppressive to human nature. He says that in order to keep social order and help civilization evolve, people must give up their most basic instincts and wants. This means that there is a constant fight between personal freedom and communal restriction. Freud’s point is true, but it’s important to keep in mind the complexity and diversity of human societies and the fact that governments can change and find a balance between individual freedom and the good of the whole.

Freud’s view that government is oppressive makes people think about the problems and limits of different political systems. But it’s important not to think of this as a fixed fact about all forms of government. As the 21st century goes on, political systems become more open and flexible, putting the rights and freedoms of each person first while still keeping social order. These systems understand how important it is to meet both the requirements of society and the needs of individuals, with the goal of making everyone happy. No government can completely get rid of repression or the stifling of certain tendencies, but the constant improvement of governance models and the search for a more fair and peaceful social order are still important goals in our search for a better society.

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