Critical Thinking Skills

I believe that my sense of competence with critically analyzing fictional texts and films is adequate. Through high school AP classes and previous college courses, I have a lot of experience with analyzing texts of all genres. I have always been a reader and enjoy analyzing what I have read in order to critique the author’s writing style and storyline. As for contemporary events, I do not have as much experience with analyzing and evaluating the content because I tend to not follow events as much as I read and watch fictional texts and films. However, I am fully capable of critically responding and forming analytical thoughts about whatever events that are presented to me.

Apart from my critical thinking skills, I believe that I can articulate my thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively in written and oral forms to persons inside and outside of an organization. I have a lot of experience doing speeches, spontaneous and prepared, which has allowed me to become comfortable with articulating my thoughts in front of any audience. I do have some nerves when public speaking, or even talking in small groups, but I always manage to conceal them when speaking. Although I am not usually the first one to volunteer to present in front of people, I do not mind doing so if need be.

I can also exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems. One of the characteristics that I value most about myself is that I am very logical when it comes to decision-making and problem solving. I am observant and able to empathize with others very well, allowing me to place myself in other people’s shoes and find ways to overcome issues with many different approaches. Overall, I believe that I am competent with majority of the mentioned goals, but hope to expand my range of skills and knowledge on these topics.

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