Universal Respect and Freedom

Internally all people, from my understanding, want peace, prosperity, love, safety, liberty, and freedom for themselves. Humans are selfish creatures, until we communicate, then we develop and understand that another sentient being requires those same characteristics we harbor within ourselves. Because it’s within us to respect ourselves and others like us, it’s beneficial to believe in ideals that ensure our and our groups rights. Ideals that represent all people are universal respect and freedom. 

Universal respect and freedom are common ideals in America; however, in other countries they are limited. Limited respect and freedom doesn’t represent all people because limited implies restrictions. Restrictions represent a subtle form of slavery and all people don’t want slavery, because it can occur to us and others we respect. 

Utopian thinking allowed not only America but other countries to idealize a world where universal respect and freedom is capable. I can only speak about American and Kenya, my home country, and I can safety say that America and Kenya constitutionally included universal respect and freedom ideals; however, America better enforces those ideals than Kenya. Without idealist, the ideals of universal respect and freedom wouldn’t subconsciously linger in the minds of all Earthling people. If the world we lived in didn’t allow us to discourse, let alone think, about universal respect or freedom it wouldn’t be real for some people. 

Humans haven’t reached universal respect and freedom for all people, but it’s great that people do have the ideals present within themselves. The lesson from the dystopian book “1984” was don’t let the thought of universal respect or freedom die. Once the thought dies in the masses than it dies universally for the entire.  

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