Dystopia Definition (Cede Onyango)

A dystopia, to me, is a place that’s horrid and the residence have no idea or little idea that they are in one. Dystopias definitely exist and the most extreme one prevalent today is North Korea. A while back ago, I listened to Yeonmi Park on Joe Rogan’s and Lex Fridman’s podcast; she perfectly described the dystopia she was born and raised in under Kim Jong-un. The place she described fitted George Orwell’s account of a dystopia. Policing of words were enforced heavily, and people who did not worship Kim Jong-un hard enough were disposed of or sent to labor camps. The people of North Korea were so indoctrinated that the idea of rebellion did not exist, so they were simply punished for minor offenses. From her account, inspectors would come to her house as a child randomly and look for items against the state. Even if they found nothing, people were punished if they did not clean their Kim Jung-un or Kim Jong-il pictures. Every citizen of North Korea worshipped their Supreme Leader with reverence, even if they could not pinpoint a reason why. To them they were their Gods.

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