Does Ur-Fascism exist in the US today? Yes/No

To stay consistent with the author of “Ur-Fascism,” it would be wrong to completely label an entire nation Ur-Fascist if only a few characteristics are present within the examined nation. Within the reading 14 characteristics of Ur-Fascism are listed. The first is the cult of traditionalism, second is rejection of modernism, third is action, combat has to happen for its own sake, fourth is analytical criticism cannot happen, fifth is consensus has to be enforced using the fear of differing tactic, sixth is social frustration must exist for a group who wants it alleviated, seventh is a broad sense of nationalism, eighth is the success of enemy nation(s) brings great pain to Ur-Fascist nation, ninth is constant warfare is encouraged, tenth is elitism of the highest degree must exist in all facets of the culture, eleventh is everyone is a hero and dying for your nation is the highest esteem, honor, duty, twelfth is women and other sexual minorities are required to be pure and chaste, thirteenth is individuals exist but the collective hivemind thinks independently and more freely, and last newspeak is the language of Ur-Fascism.

The current United States shares some characteristics commonly found under Ur-Fascism; however, it is not enough to designate it for me under that label. Traditionalism and modernism are embraced exponentially depending on which political spectrum one leans towards within the United States. The Republican party tends to be more culturally conservative (traditional), and the Democratic party tends to be more culturally liberal (modern). Because of the two-party system a linear binary exists and within it a spectrum. The spectrum allows a plethora of American citizens to determine which ideals resonate with them and align accordingly. American society values individualism more that group identity because the nation emphasizes its love and admiration for “self-made” individual. Individualism is Americas greatest strength and its best marketing strategy to sell itself to the global market. Other nations’ citizens subtly admire American individualism and secretly yearn their nation to be more like America. They yearn to be valued as a person rather than as a collective. Due to America’s hyper-individualism, sexual freedom is valued and protected. Women and sexual minorities are allowed to engage in sexual acts with no judicial judgment. Free though is protected under America’s constitution and citizens overtly protect its general concept; however, citizens also debate instances when it is allowed and when not. The United States does not fit enough categories to be labeled “Ur-Fascist,” but within its own ideology flaws are present.

American hyper-individualism often is used to highlight success stories within the nation but is ignored when individuals fail. A person that fails in America is lumped into a group of failures and they are often sidelined and their outcries silenced. The person who succeeds financially in the United States is praised solely, but the people who lose financially are rarely broadcasted well on TV.

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