Democracy, Always!!!

After reading Hobbes’ work I can further solidify my belief that a democracy, no matter its flaws, is better than a feudal system of affairs.

It was interesting how in his work Hobbes understood the concept that all men are created equal, yet he supported the idea that one man must rule over all. Kings, queens, dictators are all authoritarians. Authoritarianism has its benefits. Mainly that with one ruler it’s easier to accomplish more and expediently; however, the downturns of the system are apparent within this benefit. A single leader can use the power they hold to expediently accomplish horrid, immoral works and I cannot cosign on that. Absolute power corrupts easily. Throughout history there have been more tyrants than benevolent kings, I’d rather take my chances with democracy.

Democracy isn’t perfect, nor is any overarching system of governance, but its benefit lies in the fact that options and choices are given to all. People deserve a chance to involve themselves in a government that benefits from their labor and taxes, simple as that. It is better that way because people also feel more accepted within the government and would gladly contribute more which further improves the wealth and dominance of their government. Ideally the prosperity of the government will be witnessed by the people, but idealism isn’t reality… unfortunately. Democracy’s downturn is the fact that not all citizens experience first-hand their government’s success, but the benefit of options and choice gives hope that one day all will benefit, instead of the few.

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