America’s Faces Of Oppression

The American system has engaged and definitely engages in oppressive practices. Exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence have been used to oppress a myriad of groups within the United States. All five faces of oppression continue to be utilized now, in 2021-2022; even if it is at a lower occurrence. 

Exploitation, marginalization and powerlessness are the most prevalence oppressive forces impacting underprivileged groups currently. They are easy oppressive tactics that are executed well due to their ability to be covert. They prevail extensively in the media (both news and entertainment) because certain groups within the United States are predominantly cast as stereotypical caricatures for entertainment or shown in a unflattering look when sensational news is reported. An example is prevalent when movie writers cast African American males to always be thuggish or hoodlum and African American females to be ratchet and unruly. Stereotyping occurs in news reporting whenever inner city violence occurs, and African American males are mostly painted as agents of chaos that do not attempt to fix there communities. Because it is difficult to overtly exploit, marginalize, and remove power from underprivileged groups American systems relies on covert oppression to perpetuate injustice, inequities, and inequality.

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