American Education, Dystopia???

Honestly, my belief is higher education is a necessary endeavor that is pushed unto persons who would have better used their time in pursuits that guided them towards what they truly desired to be great at. 

The reason I hold this belief is because the proportion of college student who change their major is high and the proportion of college graduates that don’t pursue a career within their degree is high. One-third of college students change their major and 40.4% of college graduates don’t utilize the degree they acquired. These statistics aren’t favorable to the college vitality narrative perpetuated in politics and colloquial interactions. This indicates to me that most American youth embark on the quest for a diploma mainly as a necessary milestone marker instead of a finality to career choice and career embarkment. The students’ pursuit doesn’t match that of the education institution they attend. Their institution touts the importants of education; however, the students within understand that the sell was not an optional one but a mandatory requirement to engage within the modern job and career market effectively. The students understood, just like high school, that college was never a choice but another milestone they had to pass to ensure their spot within the American economy. 

Personally college is important for certain fields, law, engineering, medicine, teaching, but its over evaluation in the market is detrimental to the overall state of the American youth and the market. In the end, we have a population of overly educated individuals who struggled to achieve what they actually desired to excel at… whatever it may be.

Not a dystopia but close to one.

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