College uh Dystopia

  Throughout time, college has been seen as an essential part of American living. Not only has society described it as an important part of getting a good-paying job, but it has also been viewed as one of the few ways to better yourself. My mother personally believes that it is an important part of my upbringing and will not admit it, but wants both me and my sister to graduate college based on her belief that it will help us improve our adult lives. As time has gone on, colleges have been equated to success, intelligence, and overall have stopped and benefited others from getting certain jobs or getting a better living out of life. Even though I don’t really believe that college itself is a dystopia, I believe that the pros and cons of college can be viewed as that.

    The value of college is extremely important in this argument considering most colleges have increased their cost as the years have gone by. That within itself makes it hard for students to want to go to college due to options of either slaving for grades for a scholarship or the burden of paying for college during or after they graduate. Another part of college possibly being a dystopia has to do with the false guarantee that you will be better off with a degree. There is this false advertisement that because of a degree you will get paid more, which is not fully a lie, but it is not secure that you’ll get a real job coming out of college. It is not guaranteed that you’ll be successful in your field. If anything, most college graduates have proven that it is a struggle finding a job while coming out of school and it feels like money was spent just to be stuck in a predicament that college is supposed to keep you out of.

College itself is a struggle. It not only teaches you discipline, patience, and helps you find yourself, which ultimately is all good, but this process is not the easiest. I’m saying all this to say that the experience of college can feel like a waste if your head is not in the right space. As a high school senior, it feels forced down your throat. And unless you’re head strong enough to follow a different path, or of course feel like college is destined for you, it is a place that you will feel lost in before feeling found in. That is coming strictly from my experience.

So, do I believe college or more specifically Xavier University of Louisiana is a dystopia, no. I believe the pressure surrounding it, possible outcomes after graduation, and financial struggles of college can definitely make it a dystopia if those circumstances aren’t worked out. But wanting to benefit yourself through a higher education that you truly believe betters your chances in the future is not a dystopia to me.

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