College: One BIG Dystopia (XULA Edition)

Based on our evolving definition, I definitely would describe ANY university as a dystopian society, especially our very own. I say this because our definition states a dystopia is “an imagined or real place whose people may lead a restricted and oppressive existence under some form of authority” and that is honestly what this all is. College is like any other institution where it possess a hierarchy with administrators, faculty/staff, and students ranked respectively. We as students are not knowing of all the works that go into the schools functions and teaching. We just know what we are told and we trust that those ranked higher than us are being honest and transparent. However, that does not sit well with every student. Some want to know more upfront and firsthand. They do not want to be spoon-fed information. So to an extent that is very restricting, keeping students in a box with little room to step on the toes of others that are technically above us.

One direct example I have of a dystopian instance here at Xavier has to be this whole ordeal about COVID-19. We were given the information about EVERYTHING last and was forced to switch over to this new way of learning in a short period of time. This appeared to me that we were not seen to be a priority when the talk of switching came about and “higher ups” initially believed it would be smooth transition if they withheld the information from us until the last minute. Another example would be how we are now online and have very limited access to the educational resources that we had while on campus.

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