Fascism Today

Ur-Fascism can be described as a complete ultranationalist, authoritarian political philosophy. Traditionally, these forms of government are constructed as a one-party dictatorship led by a single entity. It differs from democratic principles. A democratic government is established in a way that benefits all citizens; however, fascism perceives the nation’s success and wealth as more significant than the citizens’ welfare. This leads to human rights being diminished for those under a fascist system. Division of classes within the society and economy often arises within this political system and force is utilized to suppress any sort of opposition in order to keep the mass under control. Fascist regimes are founded on the concept that its citizens have absolute allegiance and loyalty to their country. A prime example of this can be viewed in the 1940s. Adolf Hitler enforced an ultranationalist agenda; therefore, gaining the support of many Germans. Today, very few politicians and political parties openly characterize themselves as fascists. However, Ur-Fascism currently exists in the world. South Africa is a country that is still struggling with underlying fascists regimes. From the article, “Fascism on the rise in the country”


it describes how the South African citizens are not aware of what is happening politically. It states, “Most South Africans are blissfully unaware that an extremist party that garnered only 10% of the national vote is dictating our political destiny.” This displays how fascists take over a community and begin stripping the population of basic rights. Through this dictatorship, the society is quickly lost of its liberties and if lost, will cause a lot of struggle and hardships to gain back. Fascism is an emerging threat in South Africa due to the “lies” spread by fascists leaders. The author of this article urges his fellow South Africans to remember how hard they worked to gain freedom and the doctrines utilized to found their newborn nation.

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