Enhanced Abilities

Initially, I never really enjoyed working in groups. Since I am a bit more reserved and to myself, I personally like doing things alone on my own time; however, I do not mind working in a group. There are many benefits from group activities. Working in groups enhances my teamwork skills and allows me to gain outside perspectives and ideas. Also, depending on the circumstances, larger scale tasks can be completed due to the amount of people involved. From my past group work experiences, I learned several things that aided in the groups’ success, but also a few errors that I know not to carry into future projects. In a group, one must be considerate of not only his or herself but others as well. There could be potential disagreements, but effective communication and understanding quickly resolves any conflict or issue that occurs. Open mindedness to new ideas is also key for success when working with others.

Due to the pandemic, I have become more acquainted with utilizing technology. I began working as a tutor for the math resource center. My employment started online before shifting to in-person instruction. While being online, I had to learn to use various applications from different platforms such as Microsoft, Google and Zoom to prepare materials for the math students. I already knew how to create PowerPoints. However, as I worked more with them, the creativity of the presentation was also improved. I was able to utilize different effects and apply voiceovers at specific timings and intervals. Zoom made communicating with the students easy. I was able to communicate verbally while also providing some sort of imagery to follow. I could also make additional notes on the numerous screens I shared. Out of all the technological applications that I have used, Zoom is my favorite by far. Zoom made it easier to reach mass audiences and convey my idea effectively.

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