Group work is awful. I don’t enjoy having to rely on others to get things done. I can just do it myself and keep it pushing. Furthermore, I don’t enjoy having to constantly communicate with others when trying to produce something, whether it be for school or outside of school. I am an extremely independent thinker, meaning I make decisions for myself without consideration from others. This has its pros and cons, but when it comes to group work, it pretty much turns into a con. However, I adapt in group projects, like this semester, and I had a pretty good experience overall. I enjoyed the responsiveness and relative accountability of my teammates, and I was able to practice my communication and make fewer unilateral decisions. My brain was able to rest with this group, and I was grateful for the level of communication and collaboration.

I am not very tech savvy. If I can outsource technical skills, I definitely do it. This project gave me the opportunity to think critically about technology, which I appreciated. My skills with the technology itself are pretty minimal. My communication via the technology, however, is strong. I enjoyed the verbal aspect of this project, and recording it and posting it to Brightspace was pretty simple. All in all, this was an enjoyable project.

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